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SOS Strategic Plan

History/The Beginning
A group of parents and friends of people with intellectual disabilities, came together in the 1960's to provide work, accommodation and care in a sheltered environment. This group was structured formally by the incorporation of S.O.S Kilkenny Ltd. on April 18th 1975. 
The letters S.O.S. stand for Special Occupation Scheme.

S.O.S. Kilkenny Ltd. Mission Statement
S.O.S. Kilkenny ltd. provides a lifetime commitment to people with a learning disability. This commitment includes the provision of a service based on Christian principles which recognises - 

  • The dignity and potential of the person with a learning disability

  • The right of the person with a learning disability to be enabled to integrate as fully as possible into society.

Organisational Objectives

  1. To provide a lifetime service to people with a moderate learning disability from Kilkenny County and Ossory Diocese.

  2. To ensure that the service users receive a service with quality and dignity in accordance with their rights.

  3. To enable service users achieve their full potential in accordance with realistic and achievable goals.

  4. To provide quality-training programmes and work opportunities, which cater for the physical, mental, spiritual and emotional development of the individual.

  5. To provide the means for social integration in accordance with the service users individual needs and choices.

  6. To provide a good standard of facilities and conditions which derive to support training, work and development.

Board Of Directors
S.O.S. operate under the control of a Board of Directors which determines the overall policy of the organisation, monitors the implementation of policy and guides the Chief Executive in implementing policy successfully.




Who to contact if you have a query or concern

The first people to contact if service users or families have a difficulty is the frontline staff, that is supervisors, trainers, residential staff. If this is unsuccessful or not possible people are recommended to contact a day, training or residential manager depending on where the difficulty is or they can contact the social work department. Alternatively people can contact the C.E.O. S.O.S. have a Complaints Policy introduced in 2008 and will encourage anyone with a complaint, concern or comment to contact a member of staff


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