S.O.S. Kilkenny is a voluntary non-profit making organisation working in and for the people of the Diocese of Ossory and County of Kilkenny. Each year the fundraising committee organise a number of fundraising events. These include the popular Golf Classic each summer, the annual church gate collection, to annual door-to-door envelope appeal, Castlecomer bingo, the women's mini-marathon and the Christmas and Summer fares. S.O.S. receive a generous donation annually from the Castlecomer Wellington Race committee. S.O.S. also welcome any help with fundraising ideas. You can make a difference too by donating to the service which will help to improve the variety of services that each person may receive.

There are many ways to donate to S.O.S Kilkenny Ltd. There is a standing order form that can be made available to you. You can also send a cheque or postal order to the Accounts Department, S.O.S. Kilkenny Ltd. Callan Road, Kilkenny. There is also the option for people to support S.O.S. by direct debit contributions using the standing order form.

Tax Relief on Donations to S.O.S Kilkenny Ltd.
Tax relief on donations to S.O.S Kilkenny Ltd. means that we can now make your generosity go further. Donations of Ä250 and over, allow us to benefit from Tax Relief that increase the value of your donation, at no extra cost to you. The Tax Relief applies in any one tax year, so your donation may be made in instalments. The donor must complete a form telling what their RSI number is and what tax relief applies to them. Alternatively, company donations can now be treated as an ordinary business expense entitling the company to reclaim tax paid.

S.O.S. is a registered charity - No. 9858
S.O.S. will keep personal details confidential. These details will only be used to enhance our services to supporters and keep our records up to date.


S.O.S provides a range of service for adults with intellectual disabilities in and around the city and county of Kilkenny. S.O.S offers a wide range of career opportunities that enable staff to make an important contribution to the lives of those who live and work within S.O.S. 
These careers range from - 
.........Nursing Staff  
.........Health and Social Care Professionals 
.........Support Services Staff 
.........Administration staff
In return for commitment and dedication, S.O.S offers a unique working environment, excellent training and career opportunities and a supportive workplace. S.O.S promotes a culture of quality, pride and innovation all of which contributes to S.O.Sís future mission.

For information on working within S.O.S please contact:
Mr. Billy Tobin, HR Manager, S.O.S Kilkenny Ltd, Callan Rd, Kilkenny.


Volunteer Programme in S.O.S 
Set up in March 2009 - Co-ordinated by the S.O.S. social work department.
The programme is run as a 'buddy' system with each volunteer linked with one specific service user only. The role of the volunteer is to accompany the service user on recreational or social activities at times that will be suitable for both parties. These outings are primarily in the evenings or weekends. Activities could include walking, going for a drink, going to the cinema, shopping etc.  We have some volunteers who do specific tasks within the day service e.g prayer meeting.

The Application Procedure for Volunteers - 

  • Application Form

  • Two references

  • Garda clearance

  • Interview.

Training & Supervision is provided by the social work department.

Home Share S.O.S. 
Offering a person with a disability a break in a friendly home environment. Home Share is a new scheme currently underway in S.O.S. where a person with a disability receives planned, short-term breaks from a designated (host) family in a friendly home atmosphere.

The Aims of Home Share are: 
To support a person with a disability to enjoy a break or a holiday in a family environment 
To give families/carers a break from the constant care and responsibility 
To give people in long stay residential services an opportunity for breaks in a family setting. 
To give host families an opportunity to share their home with a person with a disability 
Why Home Share? 
Home Share will provide another option for S.O.S service users when respite or care is required in addition to, or instead of, current S.O.S respite services. 
Who can get involved? 
Any service user in S.O.S can apply for this new scheme. Any family who is interested in sharing their lives and their home with a person with an intellectual disability can get involved.
Before any breaks starts, the host family will be matched with one particular S.O.S service user (guest) only. The agreement between both parties is voluntary and either party may leave the scheme at any time.
What commitment is expected from the host family
The host family will inform S.O.S of their availability, however a minimum of 5 breaks a year is generally required. 
There will be flexibility in relation to the length of stay, depending on what the host family can offer and the needs of the guest. It could be a day, an overnight, a weekend, or as long as is mutually agreed.
What's involved for guests? 
Prior to a guest staying for the first break: ∑ 
There will be consultation with the guest and their family about the proposed host family ∑ Meetings will be facilitated between the guest, their family and the host family. ∑ 
The first break will not take place until the guest is happy to proceed and spend time alone with the host family
What's involved for host families? 
Prior to a guest staying for the first break: ∑ 
There will be an initial information meeting where hosting will be explained in detail. ∑ 
There will be a detailed assessment of the family ∑ 
Garda clearance will be required for each adult living in the hose ∑ 
2 References will be required for the parent's in the house ∑ 
When the family is approved to provide breaks and they have been matched with a particular guest, then relevant training will be provided with further training offered if needed. 
Meetings will be facilitated between host families and the guest and their family, so that the host family will get to know their guest on a gradual basis and build up a good relationship prior to any break commencing.

What about Expenses 
S.O.S. service users (guests) will pay the same rate as currently paid for respite (this may be changed in the future) Host families will be paid a nominal allowance to cover the additional expense of having a guest to stay. 

Please contact S.O.S if you would like more information or please pass this information to anyone who may be interested in getting involved in this scheme: 

Kathleen Sherry 
Senior Social Worker 056 7764000