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  SOS Kilkenny Ltd.
  Callan Road, Kilkenny,
  Tel:     056 7764000
  Email: info@orbitoutreach.com

Orbit Outreach Services support people with intellectual disabilities and their families, providing a wide range of community-based services at various locations throughout County Kilkenny.

The approach is characterised by work with clients in their own environment, wherever that may be - be that home, in their job, school, a cafe, – wherever it is most needed and most effective.

This flexibility of supports allows services to be provided to people who may not otherwise receive them, where they feel most comfortable. Workers may also visit or accompany clients when they use other services. This encourages a two-way engagement that helps to develop trust and rapport and to establish links with other agencies.

Orbit outreach staff work to establish a trusting relationship with each client in a flexible, creative and needs-focused way that enables the delivery of a support package that fits each client's own specific needs. Depending on requirements, Orbit outreach staff may work together in a dedicated team, or they may be specialists working in a more generic community team. Orbit Outreach therefore takes place within an integrated system of care.

Some of our supports aim to assist clients to:

  • find and keep suitable accommodation

  • sustain family relationships

  • increase social network and relationships

  • improve money management

  • increase medication adherence

  • improve daily living skills

  • undertake satisfying daily activities (including employment)

  • improve general health

  • improve general quality of life

Core characteristics
Orbit outreach involves targeting clients who have difficulty engaging with services:

  • it is multi-disciplinary, comprising a range of professional disciplines (behaviour support specialist, co-coordinator and social worker at a minimum)

  • an emphasis on engaging with clients and developing a therapeutic relationship

  • offers or links to specific evidence-based interventions

  • work with people in their own environment, often their own home

  • engages with the users support system of family, friends and others

  • a team approach that provides flexible and creative support to the individual case coordinators

Orbit outreach services comprise a number of initiatives:

  • Individualized work with people in their own environment, often their own home

  • A brokerage system built on an ethos of active participation where a client seeks and control brokerage hours for an activity in the community

  • Outreach Positive Behavioural Support comprising positive behaviour support services e.g. behavioural assessments, functional assessments of behaviour and how to use this information to develop positive, person-centred, behavioural support plans

  • Staff and family training and consultation and support to staff working on a 1-1 capacity with service users