Dreamtime studios was set up in 2010, offering radio broadcasting, photography,

magazine publication, film making, calenders and music production.

Skills needed for these projects are developed within the studio

and are based around the direction service users wish to

take, are interested in and want to be involved in.

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Focus on Photography

On Tuesdays Dreamtime 'focuses' on photography skills and techniques both creative and technical. The images students take during the week at home and during the class are discussed with an emphases on learning from them. The students also display their images at the end of each year in both a calender produced in Dreamtime and an exhibition.

Dreamtime Radio maintains a licence from The Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, broadcasting on the FM dial on a limited range, also known as a Campus Licence. The broadcasting times are from 10am to 4pm every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The shows are live for the most part but some are pre-recorded often to facilitate large speech programmes and for DJ's who find live broadcasts difficult. There are daily news bullitins which are pre-recorded each morning and played on the hour throughout the day.